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All Lessons

Connected Learning Communities

Join a Learning Community to Help Add Value to our Community.

Life Skills Learning Communities


Ask Da’ Dad is a Parenting Learning Community. The goal is to help the Community by helping the next generation thrive.


A community focused on improving all forms of human communication.


A place to Teach and Learn about Economics.


A place to Teach and Learn about Religion


A place to learn how to conduct Democracy in the 21st Century.


A place to learn how what Racism is and how it fits into our Hyper-connected Digital World.

Technical Skills Learning Communities

Internet Skills

A place to learn all the Skills you would need to become a Internet Master

Technology Management

A place to Teach and Learn about Technology

Telecom Law

A place to learn about telecommunications law.

The Information Store

A place to Teach and Learn about Religion

Physical/Geographic Learning Communities

Georgia 6th District

A place to learn to master all the life skills you need to Thrive in the 21st Century.

Nesbit Lakes, Georgia

A place for Residents of Nesbit Lakes to learn about their community.

How Learning Communities Fit Together

Uses “Enhanced Networking  to share “Learning Nuggets” within and between Learning Communities.

Use an Enhanced Library to easily find and add Learning Nuggets.

Use A-Keys, & Tokens to build Blockchains of the Learning Nuggets

Use A personalized Dashboard to focus and filter the Learning Nuggets